Friends are so important!!

I just had a really positive session with Therapist, and she got me thinking about how far I've come this last few years, and how much has changed. How much I've changed. And what struck me while we were talking about it is that there is one huge difference between me now, and the me of 9 years ago who first moved to Galway. That difference is people.

When we came here first I knew no one, and I struggled with that for such a long time. Years. My self esteem was at rock bottom, I was depressed, there was no way I could reach out to anyone. But over the years, I've done it. I've more than done it. I have so many wonderful people in my life now, people I can rely on for as little as a drop of milk when we run out, to the other extreme of stepping in to help in a crisis. People who can come into my house when my hair is in a gimp, a toy bomb has gone off and the dogs have gone on a shedding rampage and not bat an eyelid. People who'll sit with me when I cry. People I can talk shite with, trade parenting war stories, laugh. That's what's made this whole journey bearable, having people in my life I can rely on. It's so important, so unbelievably important to feel connected. And really, that's all I want to say today!