Too much too soon?

So I talked a bit on my last post about what this blog has done for me, and how it's worked out so far. But I'm wondering if it could be something more. Certainly a huge part of the impetus in doing this has essentially been self serving, because it's doing me no end of good. It's been so cathartic, and the support and response I've gotten have helped even more. However, another thought I had when putting this together was that I'd love people to feel able to talk about their own experiences. I realise not everyone is ready to do that, and possibly will never want to. I completely understand and accept that.

But, already I have the sense that this blog is bigger than me. There are people reading it all over the world, which still completely blows my mind, I actually can't quite comprehend it. I think we have the opportunity to do something a little bit more, to share experiences and realise we're not alone, nothing like it, that there are in fact so many of us going through varying degrees of the same experience, day in, day out. I genuinely believe we have the chance to do something about the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and that maybe, just maybe, some of you might feel able to start talking about something that you've never felt able to talk about before. Lofty aspirations?? Probably. But hey, I'm feeling optimistic tonight. (I had a fantastic night's sleep last night, AND a really lovely lie in so I'm pretty much on fire today).

So, here's what I'm proposing. If you feel able to, send me whatever you'd like to share, to It can be your own experience with depression, the experience of dealing with someone with depression, or maybe you've never come across it before and are curious. Maybe depression has only briefly touched your life and is now a hazy memory. You could be trapped in the horror of the bubble and want to get some of the sense of hopelessness that goes with that off your chest. It could be your whole journey with this illness, or one particular incident that stands out in your mind. It could be how you feel about having been dealt the hand of depression. Quite honestly, whatever you want to share, I'm happy to read and post. You can remain anonymous, or I'll publish your name, the decision is entirely yours and I will completely respect that. Then again, maybe you'll read this, think I'm completely cracked and swiftly walk away shaking your head. Again, your decision! If any of you do decide to join me and start talking, I'll set up a separate tab for stories shared, I want it to stand out from me. I really, honestly believe this blog isn't just about me. I'm only the beginning.

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