Oh dear. Again.

I'm a bit all over the shop today, getting progressively more jittery/wired/distracted as the day goes on. And guess what I just figured out? I forgot to take my meds this morning. So, here's a little snapshot of what it's like when you forget to take incredibly potent anti-depressant medication. Again.

At the moment it's not entirely unpleasant. I vaguely remember (pre pregnancy/ breastfeeding/ medication) what tipsy feels like. It's kind of like that - the uninhibited, isn't everything great, I love the world kind of feeling. But, I know that this phase doesn't last long. Thankfully I've remembered before I get to the head zaps, nausea, dizzy and overwhelmingly emotional phase. Which incidentally is only a few hours away. 

Moral of the story? Do not, for the love of god, forget to take prescribed medication, or worse (as I've done more than once) deliberately not take it. Especially not this stuff. It's too strong, and the withdrawal happens so quickly. If I'm lucky there won't be any fallout over the next few days. Then again there might. Ooh, look, squirrel!!

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