Cosy cuddles

Quick update on the tapering front. I made it the whole way through my first week without encountering a single crisis. Ok, definitely there were some tough moments, but for the most part it's gone well, and definitely better than I expected. Today was my first day of alternating, so no medication this morning. Have to admit I do feel odd - the best way I can think to describe it is first trimester of pregnancy (nauseous, tired, mood swings) coupled with a few drinks (dizzy, giddy, disoriented). Not pleasant, but not anywhere near as nasty as it could be.

So plan for the next few days? Keep stress to a minimum. I'm going into town tomorrow for a mooch and to hook up with a friend. There'll be more baking. There'll be walks. There'll be hanging out with Hubby and my kids, and hopefully tea and chats with a few more friends. And there'll be this!

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