Med reduction day 1

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how day 1 on the lower dose went. It wasn't a normal day, in that I was off work, and we were headed to Fanore to hook up with my sister and her family (they live in Denmark and I haven't seen nearly enough of them this year, particularly as I had to miss a trip when I was in hospital back in February). Anyway, like I say, not a normal day, so hard to judge how much the lower dose may have impacted my mood.

Overall, I felt good. But, we did notice a period of about an hour in the late afternoon where I was pretty excitable (to say the least). I was giggly, speaking extremely fast - the danish contingent couldn't keep up with me at all - and very, very happy. I was conscious of feeling very giddy, but overall enjoying it too much to want to do anything to change it. I haven't had a chance to talk to Hubby about it yet but I know he was watching me very closely. My mood tracker has me at just about the happiest I've been the last few months. This ties in with what I've experienced on days I've missed a dose, only then, the giggle phase has happened earlier in the day, around 2pm. Yesterday, on the lower dose, it hit around 5/5.30.  On the drive home a few hours later I felt pretty horrendous - headache, nauseous, very tired - BUT, I had just said goodbye to my sister without having any idea when I might see her again. We're very close and this is always, always hard, so tears were to be expected. The headache could have been off the back of crying, nausea? Anyone familiar with the lesser travelled roads of the west will be able to identify with that one. Tired? End of a busy day. So, like I said, overall hard to know how my mood may have actually been affected.

So, day two now. I slept ok. I'm planning a quiet day, or at least as far as possible with smallies! I hope to hook up with a friend later this afternoon. I'm doing my best to stay away from forums discussing withdrawal from this particular drug, because I don't think I'll see anything I want to know. Right now? I'm a little shaky physically but overall ok.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has changed medications, or watched someone change, and what your experience of it has been, good, bad or indifferent. If you don't feel like posting publicly, you can mail me on facebook or at Thanks!!

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