Over to you

I've been hogging the limelight here a bit lately, I'd like to remedy that. I forget the when I post pieces to our 'over to you' section, those who are with me on facebook hear about it, but for those just following the blog, I'm reasonably sure (correct me if I'm wrong), that you don't get notification when I update that page. So, consider yourselves notified!!

I've had some fantastic writing sent to me the last few months, and if you haven't already seen it I'd strongly urge you to go and take a look. The sense of isolation, loneliness and frustration that goes with depression comes through so clearly in all the writing, but also, and I think more importantly, the strength of each of these authors in finding a way through their difficulties, and the courage they have shown in sharing it so openly, is truly inspiring.

Just to whet your appetite, here is a brief overview of what people have written about:

So there you have it!! Please, take the time to go over and have a read. I don't know these people, I don't know their circumstances, their background, or sometimes even their gender. But I do know one thing. They are all incredibly strong, and they have all taken a huge step in coming to terms with the difficulties they face, as well as helping the rest of us to realise that what we're feeling, while so difficult, is by no means unique, and so we're that little bit closer to normalising it. They have also been very supportive of each other, both on the page and over on facebook. Comments of encouragement, compassion and understanding means so much when we bare our souls!! The more of us that talk, the easier it will get. For that, and for them, I am so, so grateful. Please keep writing folks!!

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