Quietly optimistic

The tapering process has begun, again. So far so good. I'm taking it much, much more slowly this time, so hopefully I won't have the crash of last time. I think apart from being much more measured about it, I'm in a better place to be trying. My mood is good this last week, and I've had a lot to keep me distracted. I think the fact that I know I'm stopping them is actually helping. It feels like maybe, just maybe, I'm finally coming out the other side of this whole nightmare. I feel optimistic for the future, and I have things to look forward to. We've even tentatively planned a family holiday for the summer, for the first time since D was 1. We won't be going very far, we plan on taking a house in Fanore, but just to get a change of scene, spend some time by the sea, will be fantastic. There's plenty around for the kids to do, and even if it rains, we're a two minute drive from a fantastic beach (assuming the storms of late haven't washed it away) and we all have rain gear.......! An Irish summer holiday wouldn't be complete without a picnic in the car in the rain anyway. I had a lovely weekend with my sisters and my niece, and was so happy to get back to my own little family in the west. I treated myself to a massage at lunchtime today and I even managed to engage brain at work! I'm back running. I've done some yoga. Today, things are good. I'm not going to analyse it, or second guess it, or desperately cling to it. I'm going to stop right here, and just enjoy it.

Lough Corrib

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