Turbo PMS

That's how Hubby described the last few days with me. I feel he may be exaggerating slightly, although there is an element of truth here as well. So, seemed timely to write about tapering and how that's going.

I'm at the end of week 3, so I've done one week at two days full, one day half dose, one week at alternate days full and half dose, and one week two days half, one day full. Next week it's half dose every day. I think (!) it's going ok. I certainly haven't had any of the more severe withdrawal symptoms of last time. I am slightly more reactive than usual, and I've found getting out of the house in the morning particularly stressful and hard to handle. (I should add here, in my defence, that the mornings this week have been HORRENDOUS. M has decided the only place she's happy is in my arms, and when she's not up, she lets us know, at volume, of how unhappy she is. The first couple of days seemed genuine, but as the week progressed there was definitely an element of acting going on. Staying calm in the face of a howling 3 year old who refuses to dress/eat/brush teeth etc etc while on a timetable would test anyone's patience).

But, all told, I think I'm ok. Concentration is still challenging but I'm managing. It's hard not to read something more sinister into every change of mood, but I'm trying. As to what happens next? I'm not entirely sure to be honest. I was supposed to have heard from the hospital by now about another appointment to plan the next stage, but needless to say, that hasn't happened. So, my rough plan is do the week at half dose, then half that again for another week. I'm on a sub therapeutic dose now anyway so I think it's just more a matter of limiting withdrawal than anything else. If things get tricky I'll stretch out the time before changing. Watch this space!

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