What not to say

As you all know, I vacillate wildly between thinking my over reliance on therapist is keeping me from being fully well, to understanding that it's mostly transference and a normal part of the process in long term therapy. While we were talking about it last week, again trying to decide whether I should continue with her or move on, she showed me two lists - one is what not to say to someone who is depressed, one is what it would be helpful to say. Before giving me this first one, she asked me to read it and at the same time consider how many of these are things I say to myself (hint - most of them):
Then there's list this, the helpful things:
This one made me cry. This one is the reason I feel such a sense of reliance on her, because no matter what I say, this is what I hear from her. In an ideal world, this is what everyone living with a mental illness would hear from their nearest and dearest, but sometimes in everyday life it's just not possible. That's why we turn to professionals for support, and why that support is so important. Someday, I won't need that. Someday I'll be able to say these things for myself. Till then? I'll try and avoid list number 1 and accept her help in making sense of my mind.

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