One foot in front of the other

This time last week I was incredibly apprehensive. Hubby and the kids had just come back from almost a week in Kildare without me, we hadn't been at home just the four of us in weeks, and I had no idea how we were going to manage the weekend, never mind the fact that I was going to be home alone with the kids all week.

And tonight? Tonight I'm absolutely shattered, but really, really pleased with how things have gone. It's been just me and the kids, all day, every day. I don't have a car, so entertainment opportunities have been low key and involved going no further than the smallest of our feet could take us. I've been treated to some spectacular displays of temper (when my girl goes off on one, she really, really commits to it). I've also been treated to some absolutely gorgeous hugs, walks and most importantly, regained my confidence and reconnected with my kids. I cannot begin to describe how good that makes me feel!

Stone throwing never gets old
I can see other progress too. The at times incapacitating need I've had in the past to speak to Therapist has been fading. It's still there to a degree, and yes, I've missed the sessions, but I haven't been overwhelmed by a need to contact her, or felt that I can't cope without her which is a big shift. I haven't had to visit my GP for a good 3 weeks now, having seen him pretty much weekly for the best part of two months. I've started new medication and can feel definite benefits from it, and more than that, I've accepted that I need it. I've gotten out running again. I even broke out my yoga mat yesterday.

Things are improving. Things are definitely, definitely improving. I'm apprehensive about how I'll be back at work and routine next week, but I have to try. I've gotten this far, I can keep going. One foot in front of the other, right?!

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