Right, so here's a very brief update as I'm absolutely shattered. After (unsurprisingly) cancelling my appointment on Tuesday, the hospital have actually scheduled an appointment for TOMORROW with my very own consultant, the one who's been invisible since sometime in October. This threw me into a quandary as I'd finally decided to look for help privately, and I'm due in Dublin on Monday for an assessment. So, I put the question to facebook - do I tell my consultant I'm planning on seeing someone privately, and more importantly, do I keep that appointment? I got so many answers (thank you lovely people). I spoke to Hubby. I had a phone call with Therapist. So here's the plan - I'll go along to the hospital tomorrow and see what they have to say. I'll be completely honest, tell them exactly what's been going on as well as the difficulties (!!! that's putting it extremely mildly) I've been having the last few months in terms of treatment. I'll also let her know that I've booked a private referral off the back of all the inconsistency, but would rather stay with local services IF I could be guaranteed a definite treatment plan, consistency of care and access to more readily available support. Sound reasonable??

I can't even begin to describe the last few days, lets just say more of the same and leave it at that. I've just spent the last hour and a half writing a 5 page essay of what I want to say tomorrow, Hubby has also written a few notes as he can't come with me, and now I'm wiped and wired. I need to go to bed. Cross everything you own for me and I'll keep you posted.

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