No reason

I'm in really cruddy form today and it's disappointing, because I can't see a reason. Since I last wrote, things have been good. I finally made the decision to talk to my boss about my work hours, and have been approved to go back to working half time, so as soon as a replacement is found for the other half of me I can start. This news had me on an absolute high for a couple of days - it's something I've wanted ever since I came back to work full time, and the relief of finally having made the decision, never mind the bonus of actually having it approved was immense.

I had a good weekend. I got up at stupid o'clock on Saturday morning (2.30am to be precise) to go off and do the Pieta House Darkness into Light walk with a really lovely bunch of girls.

Every single layer of clothing got soaked through by characteristic sideways Galway rain, but we kept smiling
Yesterday was mostly spent pottering.................

We got rained on 4 times in the space of one walk. Improvement in the consistent soaking of the night before!
...............or cooking (I cannot wait until I don't have to spend my Sundays batch cooking for the week ahead!) and Saturday's early start was catching up with me, so when I fell asleep on the sofa at 9 last night it seemed as good a time as any to call it a day. Last night wasn't quite the restful sleep I'd hoped for as M arrived in about 2.30 and proceeded to spend most of the rest of the night lying on/kicking various parts of my anatomy, so I caved at 5.45 and got up.

Since then? Nothing out of the ordinary. I managed some yoga which was good, although didn't give me quite the lift it usually does. I made it to work to be confronted by a minor logistical glitch in the plan for the day which became a far bigger problem than it should have, but is fine now. Yet my mood is rubbish. I can't quite find the right word for it. I'm surprised at how angry I got about the aforementioned glitch, it really shouldn't have been such a big deal, although I think I was spoiling for a fight before that so that's not my trigger. I don't feel tired right now, although looking back on the weekend it's quite likely that I am.

The way out of it? Find something else to focus on I think. I'm not going to try and figure it out, I don't think there's anything much to it. It'll pass. It always does.

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