The fixer

I was sent an incredible piece of writing today, from a man who talks about how his wife's depression impacted on him. Unless you keep up with me on facebook or twitter, or are particularly dedicated to the 'over to you' page, it might pass you by and I really don't want that to happen, so here you go - it's the piece called 'The Fixer'.

Donal's words are raw, honest, powerful and all too familiar, particularly to Hubby, but I think that's what makes them so important. We hear a lot about depression from the perspective of those of us who experience it ourselves, and even more from services who work to help us. But often, not enough thought is given to those living with, or close to us, and the impact that our mental ill health can have on them. I think it's incredibly important for those people to be given a voice, and also that they helped to realise that they too need support, more than that, are every bit as entitled to support as we are.

Donal, huge, huge thanks for sharing this, I feel absolutely honoured. I've no doubt your words will touch a lot of people.

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