A communal effort - we're proud of.........

Last week I posed a question on facebook - can you tell me just one thing you like about yourself, one thing you're proud of? We're all so, so good at listing off our faults that most of the time we forget to think of the good stuff. But for a brief moment, a few of you stopped and thought about something good, and then shared it. I'm really proud that you were able to do that, and that I was able to be a part of that. So without further ado, here is it: what the sunny scattered readers love about themselves:

Treasa: Being a good Mam, so so very proud of my beautiful, wonderful son

Vicky: Still being alive to tell the story

Liam: I always stand up for the underdog, I hate bullies!

Madge: I've a great sense of humour! 

Ronan: I have a knack of making people laugh

Amy: Knowing Myself

Jill: Friendly and kind

Anastasia: I am resilient!

Lesley: Trying every day to do my best by my husband & children x

Ant Shane: I never give up

Niamh: I like to try to give everyone a benefit of the doubt. Very proud of my kids.

Mandy: Being a good listener ,I hope

Ciaran: Having "the fight" inside me to start all over again!!!! 

Anne: that's what's good about me. Sharing art with kids ;0)  Thanks for making me think of this at this moment

Gabhain: Excellent, being a good listener

Mary: Kind heart xx

Sarah: Staying strong 

So those were the answers to round 1. But I was a little surprised at how few people felt able to respond, and I wanted more, I wanted more people to think about the good in themselves, really stop and think, so I asked again. And this happened:

Niamh: I'm proud of myself for leaving a man who was draining the happiness and confidence out of me. I lived far from family in a foreign country and had a small child. That small child is now almost 16 and we have a happy new life and a happy new family 

Olive: I love that I am off alcohol almost 8 years. Through all of the days when I was down the Fellowship of AA has kept me going. Each day is a blessing and even when I lost my hearing completely I stayed on the journey of life as it is. Tough but I do it A Day at A Time  xxxx.

Niamh: I'm proud of getting out of bed today when my depression was telling me not to!

Mandy: I am proud of having two premmie babies in 2 years when i was told i would never have kids and despite clinical depression and my struggles, they are both very healthy and i have the perfect little family.

Emer: I'm proud having had a horrendous 18 mths with pnd that I've made much required lifestyle changes I've 2 amazing Little girls a very supportive husband have done a cert in hope and optimism a mindfulness course and run 15k a week and bought a new family home.And last week I started back to work. Where there's a will there's a way x

Maria:  I m proud of winning my battle with depression. The battle is still on going but the good days are far far out weighing the bad. Well done everybody on your achievements no matter how big or small they are x x

Sara: I'm proud I didn't sink into a low in September like I usually do but stayed fairly positive and got through it 

Jill: I'm proud for putting myself first this year by changing job and being dedicated-ish to a weight loss plan.

Geoff: I guess I'm pretty happy about myself when people say nice things about my music.

Roisin: I'm proud of managing on my own

Eibhlín: I am proud of my son & how I helped raise him into the wee gem he is! 

Eimear: 'm proud of managing 3 young kids on my own every week while hubby works away Mon-Fri, all while living on the other side of the world from my family and friends. Not exactly where I imagined myself a few years ago! I'm also proud of settling in well to a new country/culture/climate and making some lovely friends here too. Big changes and big adjustments, not without challenges and not without some very tough times. It's been a rocky road!

Aideen: I like my curiosity. Consequently I'm a great generalist. I like my adaptability.

Christa: I had to answer a series of questions like this when I had pnd,and again when I felt better.It's amazing the difference in answers. It's a good thing to do. Myself,one thing I like about myself-I'm totally honest,truthful and straight.

Lisa: I'm proud that I didn't give into the darkness and try to take my life. This time I chose to seek help. Thanks to the love of and for my 3 kiddos I ventured to Pieta house. I am still here and we'll on the road to positivity. Taking control!

Fiona: I'm proud of myself for taking up a hardcore exercise class twice a week after work and sticking with it when id much rather just stick my head under the covers and hibernate

Eileen: I like the fact that I will do anything to help a person that needs me. It's not always a good thing! I'm a giver ....I like that. 

Robert:  am proud of my family unit - my beautiful wife and my two wonderful sons. This is a unit of which I am a part - I am not the source of the joy of my family - but I contribute - when I can.

Ronan: I love having found this blog and following your journey. It makes me feel I'm not alone. (thank you Ronan!!)

Louise: I'm good at finding solutions rather than the cause/blame!

Col:  I *love* it when I make people smile or laugh. It's my high.

Louise: I'm proud that I had the courage to face my horrible past head on and do the right thing.. don't get me wrong my past scares me but im glad i took that step in the right direction ..for me..

Ciara: I like that my eyes tell my story, when I'm happy and sad! I'm proud I got out of bed today despite the weather and the ever ending desire to stay buried in the covers..

Pulling this post together has given me a serious dose of the warm fuzzies. I love that I have such a wonderful group of people keeping me company, and also that even if only for a few moments, you were able to stop and see something really, really good about yourselves. I'm touched and honoured that you shared this with me. Thank you x

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