To counteract the insanity that is my inner monologue this last while, here's an epic quote from my beloved, enjoy!

'Due to some technical issues with Fi's internal processors, her TAKE_A_COMPLIMENT algorithm isn't working. For the foreseeable future, when complimenting Fiona, you may get a ridiculous response. This is because her I'M_A_MENTALIST script overwrites her TAKE_A_COMPLIMENT one. We apologise for this, please bear with us while her CPU undergoes analysis and rebuilding. I will be happy to liaise and take compliments on her behalf.' 

(I got a mail yesterday from the National Library of Ireland telling me that my site is to be included in their web archive which aims to 'preserve Irish websites of scholarly, cultural and political importance.......for future generations'. My first response was to assume it had been sent to me in error, hence the above :-) )

Isn't he a bit of terrific?