SSASS running!

This time last week I was well and truly in the horrors. I had given up on writing, given up on my page, and given up on Therapist, and was on the verge of realising what a huge mistake all of that was. Tonight? Tonight I'm in really, really good form. I survived what I've been dreading for the longest time - Therapist telling me she had no space for me. It was really nasty for a few days, but now, I'm ok. I'm more than ok.

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones I make on the fly. Starting this blog in the first place was one, and deciding to set up a group alongside my facebook page, just yesterday, was another. I took a notion that I needed to get back running, but I've tried so, so many times before and failed. This time, I decided to make it so I couldn't back out. I made it really, really public. The intention behind the group is not to run a fast race, or cover the most distance, or in fact even run. It's about encouraging and motivating each other to get up and out the door when we least want to.

I wasn't sure what to expect in setting it up, but today, the first full day of it, has been amazing and I'm so incredibly proud. It's just beautiful to see the way that people are helping each other out, offering support, offering words of wisdom, sharing sites they've found useful, and generally being incredibly kind to each other. I hope it lasts. I hope more of you will join in. It's not specific to Galway, or even to Ireland for that matter. What's most important about it is that we all understand exactly how hard it can be to make ourselves move, and what a big deal it is to just get out the door some days. I'd like to think we can keep helping each other with that. If you'd like to join in click here.

Post run endorphin hit

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