Calling all therapists/trainee therapists

I've had this idea rolling around the back of my mind for a few days. I've no idea if it could work, but what I'm thinking is that it might be interesting to have a separate section on the blog written from the therapist perspective - be that from being on the giving end of therapy, the person behind the therapist, different schools of therapy, or even how therapists can struggle with their own issues - what do you reckon? It seems there are a few therapists reading so I thought it would be good to have their input. I'm very aware that therapists have to be mindful of identifying themselves, so it can all be done anonymously if necessary. Do you think it could work?

If you're a therapist/therapist in training, or know any therapists you think may be interested, drop me a mail - Likewise if you think this is a shocking idea please do feel free to let me know. Thanks!