Going nowhere

I miss writing. It's been a busy week since I last posted, and there just hasn't been time. Or else there has been time and I haven't found the motivation (thanks Netflix), or felt too guilty to be doing it. Tonight I'm feeling frustrated as hell, and I know before I even start that this post isn't going to go anywhere. There are a couple of factors at play at the moment that for varying reasons I can't blog about, and as they're the things that are the biggest source of stress and frustration right now, I'm at something of a loss. I've only just settled back in with Therapist and we're on a break again as there's a bank holiday on Monday. I'm working really, really hard not to feel resentment about that, especially as a few months ago she would have fit me in on a different day next week. Not so any more. I get that it's because I'm doing better, and I need to test myself a little, but tonight I don't like it.

Tonight I mostly feel like every second of every day is spent doing things for other people - boss, kids, Hubby...........I know that's very black and white of me but there you have it. I took 45 mins to myself this evening to do some yoga and my walk/run, but felt rushed at either end and came away from it more frustrated than anything else.

I have a deadline that I've been ignoring. I feel like I'm banging my head off a brick wall. Sorry. Told you this post wasn't going to go anywhere.

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